6 Pices of Titanium Coated Drill Bits Wood Metal Plastic Cutting Saw Drill


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Drillpro 6pcs Titanium Coated Drill Bit Woodworking Wood Metal Plastic Cutting Hole Saw Holesaw HSS

Material: HSS 4241
Surface treatment: Titanium Coated
Characteristics: Hardness up to 60-63HRC
Quantity: 6pcs
Specification: HSS 8, HSS 6.5, HSS 6, HSS 5, HSS 4, HSS 3

1. Longer life and durability.
2. Made use of  HSS high speed steel material with titanium coated, drill bits body edge sharp, faster with less effort.
Scope: Suitable for thin wood, wood, aluminum, plastic plates pull grooving.

Package included:
1x Set (6pcs) Woodworking Drill Bit

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