99 Pices of 1.5-10mm Titanium Coated HSS Twist Drill Bits Set


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99Pcs 1.5-10mm Titanium Coated HSS Twist Drill Bits Set


Material: High Speed Steel
Diameter: 1.5mm-10mm/0.059- 0.393"
Drill Bits Total Length: 40-133mm/1.574- 5.236"
Box Size: Approx. 23x21x3.5cm/9.05x8.26x1.37"

Size                          Quantity
1.5mm        16Pcs           
2.0mm 16Pcs
2.5mm 15Pcs
3.0mm 10Pcs
3.2mm 10Pcs
3.5mm 8Pcs
4.0mm 8Pcs
4.5mm 3Pcs
5.0mm 3Pcs
5.5mm 2Pcs
6.0mm 2Pcs
6.5mm 2Pcs
8.0mm 2Pcs
10.0mm 2Pcs

1. Made from high quality titanium coated HSS (high speed steel).
2. Supplied in a blow moulded plastic case with a convenient carry handle.
3. Perfect for home DIY and general building / engineering use.

Package Included:
1 x 99Pcs Titanium HSS Coated Drill Bits

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