4 Pices of Professional Doors Self Centering Hinge Hardware Drill Bit Set


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4pcs Professional Doors Self Centering Hinge Hardware Drill Bit Set

Material: Brass, High-speed Steel
Appearance: electroplating
Type: Core Drill Bit
specifications: 5/64'',  7/64'', 9/64'', 11/64''
Color: Silver
Weight: 110G
Quantity: 4pcs
Scope: professional drilling tool,applicable to the installation of door hinge

Drill Hole Diameter Suitable Self-tapping Screw Size
5/64'' 2mm 2.2-2.8mm
7/64'' 2.8mm 3-3.5mm
9/64'' 3.5mm 4-4.5mm
11/64'' 4.5mm 5-5.5mm

Please adjust the hardness of the wood under , if the wood is soft, choose a smaller size , if the wood is hard , you can choose a larger size or  corresponding opening tool.
Precise positioning, will not shift , sawdust will be automatically discharged from the top of the drill holes on both sides , not stuck drill
Unique design , perfect punch effect , helpful for professional and DIY persons

Package included:
1x 5/64'' Tapper
1x 7/64'' Tapper
1x 9/64'' Tapper
1x 11/64'' Tapper

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Really nice

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very lovely

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Not worth it

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