10 Pices of 3mm Titanium Coated HSS Router Bit Set 3mm Shank Burr Rotary File Wood Milling Cutter Tool


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10Pcs different shapes titanium coated burr rotary file bits for wood trimming, milling, cutting, grinding.
3mm Shank HSS Router Bits Fit for Dremel Rotary Tool, Hilda Electric Drill.


Material: High speed steel
Surface treatment: Titanium coated
Shank type: 3mm round shank
Fit for wood, ABS, Acrylic, PVC, plastics, Copper, Aluminum etc.
Quantity: 10Pcs

HSS titanium coated engraving bits, sharp single flute make cutting smooth and efficient.
Non-stick knives, smoke-free, tasteless, mute, mirror grinding process design.
Large capacity chip groove, and spiral cutting edge sharp.
Include 10 most commonly used types: straight, trim, V groove, beading, cove, slot cutter and more.
A wide range of materials can be engraved, including: wood, ABS, Acrylic, PVC, plastics, Copper, Aluminum etc.

Package Included:
10 x HSS router bits
1 x Box

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