1 / 2 Inch handle adjustable 6 bearing planer bit set woodworking cutting cabinet tool


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1/2 Inch Shank Adjustable 6 Bearings Router Bit Set Woodworking Cut Cabinet Tool

Bearing Size: 3/8''(9.52mm), 1/2''(12.7mm), 5/8''(15.9mm), 3/4''(19.05mm), 7/8''(22.2mm), 1-1/8''(28.6mm)

Cutting width: Approx. 12.7mm  (1/2'')

Blade height: Approx. 55.5mm / 2.18''

Shank Diameter: Approx. 6.35 mm (1/4'')

Heat resistant coating prevents build-up of sawdust, resin and pitch.

Sharp cutting edge would improve working efficiency and product quality.

Comes with various size of bearings for different dimension needs.

Suitable for MDF, solid wood, particle board, plywood, etc.

Usually use on electric wood routers or engraving machines for wood edge finishing.

Package Included:
1 x Set of Router Bit with Bearings


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